Disney Clothes for Women

Disney Clothes for Women – Stylish and Magical Apparel

Dive into a magical world with the wide assortment of Disney clothes for women by Her Universe. You can choose from Disney t-shirts for women to Disney dresses for women. We offer over 10,000 items that show the charm of Disney’s characters and movies.

Find your perfect match with our collection including Disney shirts for ladies, Disney hoodies for her, or Disney tank tops for females. There’s something for every Disney fan.

Surround yourself with Disney magic in clothes that celebrate beloved characters and famous movies. This includes everyone from Mickey Mouse and Winnie The Pooh to Star Wars, Hocus Pocus, and Frozen. With exclusive Her Universe pieces, your Disney look will be as unique as you are.

Our range of items fits every occasion, be it Halloween or Christmas. You can wear your love for Disney fashion every day.

Key Takeaways

  • Shop a vast selection of over 10,000 Disney items for women, including tees, dresses, hoodies, and more.
  • Find apparel featuring beloved Disney characters and franchises like Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, and Frozen.
  • Discover exclusive Her Universe pieces not available elsewhere.
  • Express your Disney style for various occasions, from casual wear to Halloween costumes and Christmas gifts.
  • Immerse yourself in the magic of Disney fashion with a wide range of styles and designs.

Discover the Magic of Disney Fashion

Find Disney fashion that makes you feel like a princess. It brings your favorite characters to life. Choose from classic tees to modern disney sweaters for women. Prices start under $50, so you can get awesome disney loungewear for her without spending too much.

If you love Disney but want something subtle, check out 1923 Main Street. They have simple, yet stylish Disney clothes. 65% of Disney fans look for this kind of clothing. It includes shirts, hoodies, and even yoga leggings.

These clothes cost between $25 and $85. They let you show your love for Disney quietly. It’s perfect for any day or place.

Rope Drop and Coffee (LT) Unisex T-Shirt$28.00
Seven Seas Lagoon Pirate Crew (WT) Unisex Hoodie$48.00

Keep up with 1923 Main Street on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Stay in touch with the latest Disney clothing. Show your Disney love in your special way with their unique apparel.

Disney T-Shirts for Women

Disney t-shirts for women

Find a magical collection of Disney shirts for ladies with your favorite characters. Our wide range of Disney t-shirts for women includes many styles. You can choose from classic character tees to cool graphic designs. We have over 11,682 products for you to pick the perfect tee and show your Disney love.

Jump into the Disney world with our Disney tank tops for females. These tops feature characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Lilo & Stitch, and Winnie the Pooh. Whether you like vintage looks or modern styles, we’ve got you covered. Our collection is designed for every Disney fan’s taste.

Classic Character Tees

Love Disney icons? Celebrate with our classic character tees. Our Disney shirts for ladies have designs that stand the test of time. From Mickey Mouse to Winnie the Pooh, you’ll find a tee to cherish.

ProductOccurrencePrice Range
Mickey Mouse Women’s Cap Short Sleeve Pajama Tee & Pajama Shorts Set3 listings$22.00 – $34.50
Winnie The Pooh Graphic Tee (Plus Size)6 listings$12.99 – $19.99
Minnie Mouse Women’s Face Graphic Tee2 listings$11.04 – $16.99

Graphic Tees with Disney Quotes

Do you like making a statement? Choose from our graphic Disney t-shirts for women. They show off famous Disney quotes and scenes. They’re great for showing your Disney love with a fun twist for your wardrobe.

  • Lilo & Stitch Juniors’ Lic Short Sleeve Tee: 19 listings, starting at $12.99
  • Exclusive Disney merchandise labeled as Her Universe exclusive
  • Regular and plus-size options available

Enjoy our great deals, like SAVINGS15, and offers such as 2 for $22.00 or $12.99 each. We have many Disney tank tops for females and tees showing various Disney characters and films. You’ll find the just-right piece to show your special Disney style.

Enchanting Disney Dresses for Women

Step into a world of magic and wonder with our Disney dresses for women. You can wear Cinderella’s beautiful ball gown or Alice’s playful tea party dress. Our collection brings your favorite fairy tales to life.

From casual sundresses for the park to elegant gowns for a ball, we have it all. Our dresses show off iconic characters, quotes, and designs. You’ll feel like you’re in your own Disney story.

Feel the magic of Disney with our dresses inspired by tales such as:

  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Snow White
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Tangled

Our Disney clothes for women are made with top-notch fabrics. They’re comfy and stylish. Whether it’s a casual dress for a trip to Disney or a fancy gown, we have what you need.

Dress StylePrice RangeSizes Available
Casual Sundresses$50 – $100XS – 3XL
Vintage-Inspired Dresses$100 – $200XS – 2XL
Elegant Evening Gowns$200 – $399.95XS – XL

Don’t miss your chance to own a magical Disney dress. They’re in high demand and sell fast. For example, a $399.95 dress quickly sold out, leaving just one. You can get expedited shipping for $18.05. This ensures your dress arrives in time. The estimated deliver date is between Fri, Jun 21 and Wed, Jun 26 to zip code 08854.

Enjoy the joy of Disney with our Disney dresses. Let your inner princess shine and live in a world of magic. Make your dreams come true with our enchanting collection.

Disney Shirts for Ladies

Find a lovely collection of Disney shirts for women. They express your love for Disney’s magical world. These shirts come in many styles and designs with favorite characters. You’ll love the whimsy they bring to your closet. Choose from classic button-ups with Disney magic or sleeveless blouses with beloved characters. There’s something for every fan.

Button-Up Shirts with Disney Prints

Looking for a polished style? Go for a button-up shirt with cute Disney prints. These shirts mix timeless elegance with fun Disney joy. You can pick Mickey Mouse prints or scenes from top Disney films. They look great with jeans or slacks. They’re perfect for any day, from casual to a bit more dressed-up.

Sleeveless Blouses Featuring Disney Icons

Stay stylish and cool in sleeveless blouses featuring Disney icons. They’re light and great for warm days. There are tank tops with princesses or blouses with classic characters. They let you show your love for Disney in style. Wear them with shorts, skirts, or capris for a fashionable summer look.

Vintage-Inspired Disney Shirts

Wanna add some retro flair? Try vintage-inspired Disney shirts. They feature old Disney favorites and bring back nostalgic memories. You can find tees with classic Mickey or raglan shirts with retro logos. Wear them with high-waisted jeans or skirts. It’s a trendy look that honors Disney’s timelessness.

Disney Shirt StyleKey FeaturesStyling Suggestions
Button-Up ShirtsEnchanting prints, polished lookGreat with jeans or slacks for any day
Sleeveless BlousesLight and breezy, Disney iconsPerfect with shorts, skirts, or capris in summer
Vintage-Inspired ShirtsFeatures retro designs and nostalgiaPair with high-waisted clothing for a throwback style

Prices for these Disney shirts start at $11.04 and go up to $34.50. Look for deals like 2 for $22.00 to save more. There are over 11,682 options, including sizes for everyone. Join the Disney fashion fun and upgrade your wardrobe with these charming shirts today!

Cozy Disney Hoodies and Sweaters for Her

Disney Clothes for Women

In cold weather, nothing beats a warm Disney hoodie or sweater. These items keep you cozy and show your love for Disney. They’re great for being at home or out and about. You’ll stay stylish and snug with Disney’s wide selection of hoodies and sweaters.

Zip-Up Hoodies with Disney Characters

Zip-up hoodies are a wardrobe must for Disney fans. They showcase characters like Mickey Mouse and Stitch. With a snuggly inside and adjustable features, these hoodies are practical and comfortable. Match them with jeans or leggings for an effortless style.

Pullover Sweaters Featuring Disney Scenes

Prefer a classic pullover? Go for sweaters with your favorite Disney movie scenes. Choose from styles like crew necks, all offering cozy comfort. Designs include the Beauty and the Beast ballroom and the Tangled lantern festival. They’re ideal for relaxing in style at home.

Disney Hoodie/Sweater StyleFeaturesBest For
Zip-Up HoodieAdjustable hood, zip-up front, fleece-linedCasual outings, running errands
Pullover SweaterCrew neck or turtleneck, soft materialsLounging at home, relaxing

Whether picking a hoodie or a sweater, Disney enthusiasts need these in their collection. These clothing items let you wear your Disney love. They keep you cozy, stylish, and magical all winter. With so many character options available, you’re bound to find your favorite and connect with it.

Disney Loungewear and Pajamas for Women

Disney Clothes for Women

Kick back in true comfort and style with Disney pajamas for women and Disney loungewear for her. Find everything from warm and soft pajamas to essential loungewear like cuddly robes. These items are great for chill days at home or a laid-back weekend.

Feel the Disney magic with a big range of women’s Disney pajamas and loungewear. You’ll see characters from classic movies and new favorites. Pick from cool options like:

  • One-piece pajamas with fun designs
  • Fleece pants and cozy sleep shirts
  • Matching top and bottom sets
  • Warm robes and soft slippers

Prices vary from $27.54 to $46.00, fitting all budgets. Use codes for special discounts on selected products too.

Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas Women’s “Best Nightmare Ever” Long Sleeve Pajama Top & Joggers Sleep Set$46.0013 purchases
Disney’s Minnie Mouse Women’s Fleece Plush Lounge Pants$27.548 purchases
Disney’s Mickey Mouse Women’s Plus Size Knit Pajama Set$39.996 purchases

Looking for a special Disney gift or just something cozy for yourself? These pajama and loungewear picks are perfect. They bring Disney magic and comfort, making every moment special.

Disney Activewear for Women

Get ready to work out in style with Disney activewear for women. You’ll find more than 11,682 products ready to inspire you on your fitness journey. Featuring Disney designs on leggings, yoga pants, tank tops, and sports bras, this collection combines comfort with Disney magic.

The Disney range includes classic characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and others. Lilo & Stitch, Mickey, and Minnie are top choices for many. So, your favorite Disney friends might be on the items you love.

Disney-Themed Leggings and Yoga Pants

Up your workout game with Disney leggings and yoga pants. These stretchy bottoms are not just comfy but stylish too. They’re perfect for the gym, yoga, or everyday wear, letting you show your love for Disney.

Tank Tops and Sports Bras with Disney Designs

Finish your Disney look with tank tops and sports bras. They feature favorite characters and quotes in designs that inspire. Breathable fabrics make them perfect for all workouts. Plus, they come in styles to suit every body and activity level.

Product TypeAverage Regular PriceAverage Sale PriceDiscount with Code
Disney Activewear$23.39 – $29.99$19.11 – $34.50$11.04 – $22.94
Graphic Tees$24.99 – $29.99$19.99 – $24.99$12.99 – $17.99
Tank Tops$22.99 – $26.99$18.39 – $21.59$9.99 – $14.99
Shorts$26.99 – $32.99$21.59 – $26.39$14.99 – $19.99

Prices for the Disney activewear range from $23.39 to $29.99, with sale items between $19.11 and $34.50. You can also save with promo codes. Whether for everyday or workout wear, there’s something for everyone in this collection.

Accessories to Complete Your Disney Look

Embracing Disney fashion means looking at the little things. Accessories like sparkling jewelry and fun hats add Disney charm to any outfit. They show off your love for Disney in a subtle yet stylish way.

Disney-Inspired Jewelry

Jewelry inspired by Disney characters is a perfect way to add magic to your everyday style. There are delicate necklaces and charm bracelets. For those who prefer something simpler, there are earrings and watches with hidden Disney designs.

Hats, Bags, and More with Disney Flair

The right accessories are key to a full Disney look. Hats and bags are not just stylish but also practical. They protect you from the sun and carry your things. Choose from a wide range of options, from simple designs to bold patterns.

Other popular Disney accessories include:

  • Minnie Mouse ears in a variety of colors and designs
  • Pins and patches featuring Disney characters and logos
  • Scarves and gloves with subtle Disney patterns
  • Phone cases and pop sockets with Disney artwork

When it comes to Disney accessories, balance is key. They should enhance your outfit, not overpower it. Pick items that match your outfit’s colors and style for a complete look.

Accessory TypePopular Brands and Styles
BagsLeSportsac, Dooney & Bourke, Vera Bradley
HatsBaseball caps, sun hats, beanies
JewelryNecklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches
Pins and PatchesCharacter designs, park logos, movie quotes

Choosing the right Disney accessories can make any outfit special. Whether going to the park or for a simple outing, these little extras bring joy. They show your love for Disney and add a little magic to your day.

Disney Clothes for Women – Sizes and Fits for Everyone

Finding the right Disney clothes for women means considering size and fit. Disney knows this and offers sizes for every body. Whether you’re slight or plus-sized, there’s a style waiting for you. You can wear your Disney love with pride, feeling both stylish and comfy.

Disney clothes come in sizes from S (10-12) to 6X (42-44), plus many in between. You’ll find options like M (14-16) to 5X (38-40) in various fits. This vast range ensures everyone finds something that fits them beautifully.

Notably, sizes 2X (26-28) and 3X (30-32) are the most common. Disney offers 100 and 97 items in these sizes, highlighting their focus on inclusivity. Even those needing 6X (42-44) can choose from 31 different items. Disney truly aims to meet the fashion needs of all women.

SizeMeasurementsNumber of Items Available

Moreover, Disney ensures its clothes for women are not just right in size. They’re made for comfort and style. The collection includes items like easy tees and breezy dresses. Every piece is aimed at boosting your confidence and making you feel great.

Where to Find the Best Disney Clothes for Women

Looking for the best Disney clothes for women? Knowing your options is key. You can find what you need at official Disney stores, big retailers, or from indie designers. This way, you can stay true to your style without breaking the bank.

Start at the Disney official online store. They have over 11,000 products, priced between $11.04 and $34.50. Don’t forget to use discounts like the SAVINGS15 code for extra savings on your favorites.

Shop Disney’s Official Online Store

The Disney online store is full of fashion for women. You’ll find everything from classic tees to the latest trends and comfy loungewear. They also have unique items and limited editions for die-hard fans. It truly is a magical place to shop.

Explore Disney Collection at Major Retailers

Brands like Her Universe team up with Disney for special collections. You’ll find a mix of styles, including tees, pajamas, hoodies, and more. They all feature your favorite characters, from Mickey to the Disney Princesses. It’s the perfect mix of style and Disney magic.

RetailerCollection HighlightsPrice Range
Her UniverseTrendy dresses, graphic tees, and accessories$20 – $100
Hot TopicEdgy and alternative Disney-inspired apparel$15 – $60
TorridPlus-size Disney fashion, including the Winnie The Pooh Graphic Tee$30 – $80

Discover Unique Pieces from Independent Designers

Independent designers offer a unique Disney look. They make custom, limited-edition clothing that stands out. Think custom denim jackets and embroidered dresses. These pieces are truly special for any Disney fan.

Wherever you shop, there are plenty of amazing Disney clothes for women out there. Each piece lets you show off your Disney love. Plus, with so many sizes and styles, there’s something for everyone. Get ready to add a little Disney magic to your wardrobe.


Jump into the world of Disney fashion with amazing disney clothes for women. Find everything from favorite disney t-shirts for women to beautiful disney dresses for women. You’ll feel royal in these outfits.

For cold days, check out disney hoodies for her and disney sweaters for women. They keep you cozy while looking cool. Or pick disney pajamas for women and disney loungewear for her. They’re comfy and cute.

Stay fit in disney activewear for women. This line has leggings, yoga pants, and disney tank tops for females. They feature your favorite characters. Don’t forget about charming accessories. From jewelry to hats and bags, they give any look a Disney vibe.

Where to buy? Look at Disney’s online shop, big stores, and unique designers. You’ll find styles from every era and for every taste. Find what speaks to you. Dive into Disney fashion. Feel like a princess every day.


What types of Disney clothes are available for women?

Her Universe has a big range of Disney clothes for women. This includes t-shirts, dresses, hoodies, sweaters, pajamas, and activewear. You’ll also find loungewear with favorite Disney characters and quotes.

Are there Disney clothes available in plus sizes?

Yes, you’ll find Disney clothes in a variety of sizes, including plus sizes. They’re made to be comfy and look good on all body types. So, every Disney fan can get something that fits them just right.

Where can I find unique and exclusive Disney clothing items?

Her Universe has over 10,000 Disney items, including exclusive goodies. You won’t find them elsewhere. There are also unique, handcrafted items from independent designers.

What Disney characters and movies are featured on women’s clothing?

Women’s Disney clothes showcase many favorite characters and movies. You’ll see Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Hocus Pocus, and more. There are classics like Fantasia and newer hits like Frozen.

What is the price range for Disney clothes for women?

Prices for women’s Disney clothes vary a lot. You can get t-shirts and loungewear for under . There are also dresses and accessories that cost a bit more. So, every fan can buy something they love.

Can I find Disney-themed activewear for women?

Absolutely, Her Universe has Disney activewear for women. It includes leggings, yoga pants, and more. These items make working out fun with their magical designs.

What accessories are available to complete a Disney-inspired look?

To complete your Disney look, add special accessories. There’s jewelry, like necklaces and bracelets, inspired by Disney. You can also find hats, bags, and more with your favorite characters on them.
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