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Amy Drury

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Competitive Analysis

Data Sources

Store visits, competitor websites, industry reports, and customer reviews.

Pricing Strategies

Price comparisons, consumer price sensitivity studies, and sales data.

Channel Analysis

Sales data, website analytics, and customer surveys.

Rabeya Fashion Forward

Market Research in the Fashion Industry

 clear understanding of the role and importance of market research in the fashion industry. Feel free to ask any more questions you may have!

Market research helps fashion companies understand consumer preferences, identify emerging trends, and make informed decisions related to product development, marketing, and sales.

Consumer behavior is analyzed using methods like surveys, focus groups, and observational studies. Online interactions, social media mentions, and customer reviews are also valuable data sources.

Trend forecasting involves predicting future fashion trends based on various factors such as cultural shifts, consumer behavior, and historical data. It’s crucial for staying ahead of the curve and meeting consumer demand.