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Authentic Bailey Cowboy Hats for Western Style and Flair

Get in the American West spirit with Bailey cowboy hats. That’s a brand known for its high-quality items and timeless fashion. As a top cowboy hat brands, Bailey has a broad mix of western apparel and cowboy accessories.

You’ll find everything from traditional felt hats to cool straw hats. There’s something for every event – whether it’s a rodeo, ranch work, or just adding western vibes to your style.

For over 100 years, Bailey has been making hats that stand out in America. They are well-respected, even comparing to Stetson in quality and fashion. Their selection includes standout pieces like the Big Zwey, a stylish wool felt top hat inspired by Lonesome Dove, with a 5″ crown and a 2″ brim.

These hats have a self-tonal band and a special Bailey lining. They’re proudly made in the USA, blending western and vintage city styles perfectly.

Bailey focuses on making quality hats that fit every need, making them popular for rodeo gear and ranch outfits. They use various materials like wool, fur felt, and straw. This range means you can find the right hat for you and your wallet.

Whether you want a durable wool hat or a cool straw one for summer, Bailey has what you’re looking for.

Key Takeaways

  • Bailey cowboy hats offer authentic western style and quality craftsmanship.
  • With a wide range of materials and styles, Bailey caters to every preference and budget.
  • Bailey’s iconic designs, such as the Big Zwey, combine western flair with old-world metropolitan style.
  • As one of the top American hat makers, Bailey rivals Stetson in terms of quality and popularity.
  • Bailey hats are a go-to choice for rodeo gear, ranch outfitters, and anyone seeking to embrace the spirit of the American West.

Introduction to Bailey Cowboy Hats

Bailey Western is a top name in western wear, known for making cowboy hats for more than 100 years. They focus on quality and style. Using top materials and traditional methods, they stand out in the hat world.

Compared to brands like Stetson, Bailey Western is a strong American competitor. They make a variety of hats, from tough wool felts to cool straw designs. These hats suit anyone into western style, from cowboys to city goers.

The History of Bailey Hats

Since 1922, Bailey Western has crafted hats that show the American West’s spirit. Their work combines tradition with what customers need today. This mix of old and new keeps Bailey Western at the top.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Bailey Western stands out because of their dedication to making each hat by hand. They use the best methods and materials. This ensures every hat is long-lasting, comfortable, and looks great. Their hats clearly show the care and skill put into making them.

Hat ModelPriceMaterial
Bailey Western Lightning 4X Cowboy Hat$194.99100% Wool Felt
Bailey Clayton 4X Wool Cowboy Hat$179.99100% Wool Felt
Bailey 7X Guthrie Rancher$129.99Wool Blend Felt
Bailey Western Cavalry II Hat$139.99100% Wool Felt
Bailey Western Costa Straw Western Hat$89.99Bangora Straw

Bailey Western offers hats at various styles and prices. From the Bailey Western Costa Straw Western Hat at $89.99 to the high-end Bailey 5X Fur Felt Pro Cowboy Hat at $359.99. With 61 products, their average price is $132.82, making quality hats affordable.

Bailey’s Iconic Western and Cowboy Hat Styles

Bailey's iconic western hat styles

Bailey offers many classic cowboy hats and western hat styles. There’s something for everyone. They have traditional styles like the cattleman crown, old-school looks such as the gus crown, and modern twists like the brick crown. Bailey’s designs are key parts of western fashion.

One standout hat is the Navarro 2X Cowboy Western Hat. It’s made of 100% wool felt, with a 3 1/2″ brim and a 4 1/2″ crown. Perfect for cool weather, it comes in sizes from 6 3/4 to 7 5/8. The Navarro 2X debuted on April 3, 2013. It has won the hearts of cowboys and fans of the west ever since.

The Cattleman Crown

The cattleman crown is perfect for rodeos and ranching. It has a tall, creased shape and a brim that slightly curls, giving it a timeless style. It’s often matched with a long oval crown for an elongated look, making it popular for rodeo hats.

The Gus Crown

The gus crown has a pinched front and a round top. It brings a bit of nostalgia from the old west. Named after Gus McCrae in “Lonesome Dove,” it’s a top pick for those wanting an authentic western vibe.

The Brick Crown

The brick crown stands out with its square, flat top and a brim that curls slightly. It is suitable for any event, from casual to formal. This style is a favorite for its versatility, allowing wearers to adjust their look for any occasion.

Cattleman CrownTall, creased shape; slightly curled brimRodeos, ranch work
Gus CrownPinched front, rounded domeOld west nostalgia, authentic western look
Brick CrownSquare, flat top; slightly curled brimCasual and dressy occasions

Materials Used in Bailey Cowboy Hats

Bailey Western is known for using top materials to make their well-known cowboy hats. Each hat is made to be strong, comfy, and stylish. They use wool felt, straw, and fur felt, all chosen with care. They are made to last for a long time.

Wool Felt Hats

Bailey crafts their wool felt cowboy hats with top-notch wool. These hats feel luxurious and look timeless. They use LiteFelt technology too. This means their hats are light, can be squashed, and keep water out. A great pick for people on the go.

Straw Hats

If you want a western look with more air, Bailey’s straw cowboy hats are the answer. They are made from premium straw that lets your head breathe. Great for hot days and adventures. The hats are strong and keep their shape well over time.

Hat ModelMaterial CompositionAvailable Sizes
Clayton95% Wool, 5% Rabbit Fibers6 5/8, 6 3/4, 6 7/8, 7, 7 1/8, 7 1/4, 7 3/8, 7 1/2
Pro 5X100% Rabbit Fur Felt6 5/8 to 7 5/8

Fur Felt Hats

Looking for the best in luxury and style? Bailey’s fur felt cowboy hats are a great pick. They use top fur blends for a soft, sturdy, and shiny look. Their Raindura finish keeps hats in great shape, even when it’s wet. There are lots of colors and styles for anyone looking for quality.

Bailey’s Exclusive LiteFelt® Technology

LiteFelt technology cowboy hats

Bailey’s LiteFelt technology has changed cowboy hats for the better. It merges style with comfort and practicality. This method creates hats that are light, crushable, and packable. They are also water-repellent, perfect for travelers, adventurers, and those who want a tough, low-maintenance hat.

LiteFelt hats keep their shape after being packed or crushed. So, you get to wear a stylish cowboy hat with unmatched convenience. You won’t worry about your hat getting ruined when traveling. Pack it easily and watch it spring back to life when you put it on.

These hats are great for outdoor fun. Whether you’re out riding, at a festival, or under the sun, they keep dry and hold up their shape. They are made to resist light rain and mist, keeping you stylishly covered.

Hat StylePrice RangeKey Features
Fedora$51.50 – $144.50Made in USA, LiteFelt finish, packable, water repellent
Western$110.00 – $135.00Made in USA, crushable, LiteFelt finish, packable, water repellent
Outback$110.50 – $120.00Made in USA, crushable, packable, LiteFelt finish, water repellent
Pork Pie$127.50 – $130.00Made in USA, LiteFelt finish
Safari$112.00 – $130.00Made in USA, LiteFelt finish, soft, packable, water repellent

Bailey has a big selection of hats with LiteFelt technology. Everyone can find their favorite style, from fedoras and western hats to pork pies and safari looks. Plus, they all reflect Bailey’s high-quality craft and attention to detail. These hats are priced from $51.50 to $144.50, fitting any budget.

Getting a Bailey LiteFelt hat means getting a mix of the old and the new. They are made with care in the USA, using top-notch materials and traditional methods. Plus, they feature modern technology for today’s hat lovers. Discover the magic of Bailey’s LiteFelt technology and step up your hat style.

Caring for Your Bailey Cowboy Hat

Your Bailey cowboy hat is a top-notch item. It blends quality with style. With proper love and care, it can stay with you for years. It’s all about how you store, clean, and maintain it. Doing so keeps its shape, color, and look fresh. Here are key tips to care for your Bailey cowboy hat.

Storing Your Hat

Storing your hat well is key. It keeps its shape and integrity. Always put your hat in a hat box or on a rack when it’s not on your head. This will help avoid creases or dents.

Forget about direct sunlight or too much heat. They can mess with the hat’s color and feel. That’s the last thing you want.

Remember, how you place your hat matters. Hats with the brim turned down go upside down for storage. This keeps the brim from losing its curve. And when you pick it up, go for the brim. Too much handling of the crown can change its shape.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and care keep your Bailey cowboy hat in top shape. How you clean it depends on the material. Always check the cleaning instructions first.

  • Furfelt and Woolfelt Hats: For these hats, use a soft-bristled brush or a soft sponge. Brush the hat gently in a counterclockwise way. This will get rid of dust and dirt.
  • Oilskin Hats: To clean an oilskin hat, just wipe it with a clean, damp cloth. It’s that easy.
  • Straw Hats: For straw hats, use a soft brush, sponge, or cloth. Be careful not to damage the straw.
  • Canvas Hats: Hand wash canvas hats in warm water with mild detergent. Make sure to rinse well and let it air dry.

Dust and lint can harm your hat. So, clean them off once in a while. Allow a wet hat to air dry naturally. Avoid using sudden heat to dry it. This can make the hat shrink or lose its shape.

Bailey Cowboy HatPrice
5X Fur Felt Pro Cowboy Hat$359.99
Frontier Collection Dillinger Hat$179.99
Western Lightning 4X Cowboy Hat$194.99
Western Kilgore Raindura Straw Fedora$149.99
Western Clayton 4X Wool Cowboy Hat$179.99
Western Costa Straw Western Hat$89.99

These simple tips will keep your Bailey cowboy hat in great shape for years. Accessorize with high-quality hat brushes and boxes for smooth care. If you need a deep clean, go pro. Professional cleaners can help keep your hat looking new.

Choosing the Right Bailey Cowboy Hat for You

choosing a cowboy hat

Choosing the perfect Bailey cowboy hat involves several key considerations. Ensure you pick the right one for your style and needs. Taking the time to carefully consider your options will lead to a hat that suits you well.

Determine Your Hat Size

Start by figuring out your hat size. Measure around your head just above the ears with a soft tape. Check Bailey’s hat size chart to find your fit. Remember, hat sizes can vary, so trying them on is a good idea.

Select the Right Style for Your Face Shape

Bailey offers various cowboy hat styles to fit different faces and tastes. For oval or round faces, choose medium to tall crowns with curved brims. Wide-brim open crease hats are great for square faces. Heart shapes suit pinch creases with flat brims. And if your face is long, go for a medium crown and wide, curved brim styled hat.

Face ShapeRecommended Hat Style
Oval or RoundMedium to tall height crowns with curved brims
SquareWide-brimmed open crease hats
HeartPinch creases with flatter brims
LongMedium-sized crowns with cattleman creases and wide curved brims

Consider the Color and Material

Consider what color and material suits you best. Bailey hats come in various colors and materials to fit your style and needs. Classic choices like black, brown, and tan are timeless. But, bold colors like red or blue can also make a statement. The material also matters. Wool felt is durable and good against the weather. Straw is light and breathable, perfect for summer. Fur felt is soft and great in cooler weather.

  • Wool Felt: Durable, weather-resistant, and comfortable
  • Straw: Lightweight, breathable, and perfect for summer wear
  • Fur Felt: Luxurious, soft, and ideal for cooler weather

Thinking about your size, face shape, and what you like in a hat will guide you to the ideal Bailey cowboy hat. With a wide selection, there’s a Bailey hat for everyone fond of America’s western style.

Bailey Cowboy Hats in Popular Culture

For almost 100 years, Bailey cowboy hats have been a key part of our culture. They sit proudly on the heads of many stars. Founded in 1922 by George S. Bailey in Los Angeles, the company was loved for making top-quality cowboy hats.

In early Hollywood, Bailey hats were the stars’ top pick. Legends like Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, and Humphrey Bogart wore them. Their style defined the Western look and made Bailey hats famous nationwide.

Bailey cowboy hats weren’t just for movies. They were also a hit in country music and the fashion world. Bailey’s strong place in culture marks it as a Western symbol and a top fashion choice. Bailey hats lead cowboy fashion with their quality and classic styles.

CelebrityBailey Hat StyleMovie/Show
John WayneCattleman CrownTrue Grit
Clint EastwoodGus CrownThe Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Robert DuvallBrick CrownLonesome Dove
Sam ElliottOpen CrownThe Ranch

After nearly 100 years, Bailey cowboy hats are all about America’s West spirit. From films to music, they’ve made a big impact. They’re a true American classic.

Where to Buy Authentic Bailey Cowboy Hats

Looking for the perfect Bailey cowboy hat? You have many options. Whether you love shopping online or in person, there are lots of ways to get your hands on a great cowboy hat.

Online Retailers

Online hat retailers such as Village Hat Shop have a big selection of Bailey hats. You can find and buy hats from the comfort of your sofa. They also give you lots of info like reviews and size charts. Buying from these sites is easy and popular.

Western Wear Stores

If you like shopping the old-fashioned way, head to western wear stores. You can try on different Bailey hats to find the right one. Staff can help you choose a hat that looks best on you. Stores like Boot Barn and Cavender’s have many Bailey hats to pick from.

Bailey’s Official Website

For the biggest selection and special designs, go to the official Bailey website. They offer all their hats, including some you can’t find anywhere else. You can search by style or size and get good deals. Buying from their site means you’re getting a real Bailey hat and can get help from their team.

Bailey Hat FeatureNumber of Products
Total Retail Products61
Made in the USA20
Wool Felt17
Cattleman Crown10

Any way you choose, you’ll find great quality in a Bailey hat. With lots of styles and sizes at your fingertips, getting the right cowboy hat is easy.


Bailey cowboy hats are the best in American craftsmanship and western style. These hats have a history over a hundred years old. They aren’t just for looks. They stand for the tough and free spirit of the American West.

Bailey hats are made with both old ways and new technologies. This mix gives them the perfect style and use. If you work on a ranch, love rodeos, or just like classic looks, a Bailey hat is a great choice.

Even as fashions change, Bailey cowboy hats keep their place. They show what the American West is about. Hard work, doing right, and being yourself matter. Picking a Bailey hat means choosing a piece of history. It means joining a story that lasts for years.

So, when you wear a Bailey cowboy hat, feel proud. It shows you know what’s good and like top quality. No matter if you’re working on a ranch or going out, a Bailey hat says a lot about you.

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What makes Bailey cowboy hats unique?

Bailey hats stand out for their quality materials. They use fine wool and fur felt. You’ll find features like LiteFelt® that makes them lightweight and crushable. This brand focuses on great design and iconic western looks, making them special.

What are the most popular Bailey cowboy hat styles?

Bailey has several favorite cowboy hat styles. They include the cattleman, with its distinct high crease, and the gus crown, known for its unique pinched front. The brick crown, with a flat square top and a curl in the brim, is also popular. These come in various designs, fitting for everything from rodeos to everyday wear.

How do I choose the right Bailey cowboy hat for me?

To choose the right Bailey hat, look at your size, shape, and style. Measure your head around the ears to find your size. Pick a crown shape that matches your face, like longer ovals for long faces or round crowns for round faces. Then, choose the color and material that you like and fits your style.

How do I care for my Bailey cowboy hat?

To keep your Bailey hat in top shape, store it carefully. Use a hat box or a rack to avoid misshaping it. Keep it away from strong sunlight and extreme heat. Clean it with a soft brush often to get rid of dust. For stains, use a damp cloth for a gentle spot clean. If it needs a deep clean, it’s best to take it to a professional cleaner.

Where can I buy authentic Bailey cowboy hats?

You can find genuine Bailey hats at online stores like Amazon, Zappos, and Cavender’s. Also, check out western wear shops such as Boot Barn and Sheplers. For the widest selection, visit Bailey’s official website. There you can see all their hat designs and choose the perfect one for you.

Are Bailey cowboy hats suitable for outdoor activities?

Definitely, Bailey hats are made for the outdoors. Hats with the LiteFelt® tech are light and can take a beating. They’re also water-repellent, which is great for adventures. For hot weather, Bailey’s straw hats provide both style and breathability. They’re a good choice for sunny days outside.

What is the price range for Bailey cowboy hats?

Prices for Bailey hats vary, based on the material and style. A basic wool felt hat starts around 0. For something more luxurious, like a fur felt hat with details, you might pay over 0. With a range of prices, Bailey has hats for different budgets and tastes.

Are Bailey cowboy hats suitable for both men and women?

Yes, Bailey has many hat styles for both men and women. Traditionally male styles like the cattleman are available, but so are unisex hats. They also offer hats specifically designed for women, meeting their preferences in color, size, and decorations. This ensures everyone can enjoy a Bailey hat.
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